Here’s the deal:  I started down the personal development/ self help road about 18 years ago.  The first thing I ever read was Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich,” which is such a great book, but I felt like it was missing a certain spiritual element (probably because it was written like 100 years ago before people talked about that kind of stuff).   In 2004 I was one of the first people to see “The Secret,” when it still had Esther Hicks in it.  I was totally intrigued by this concept, but I also felt like Rhonda Byrne’s philosophies left something to be desired.  After ALOT of research (and because I was totally frustrated with trying to meditate and visualize, I decided to start experimenting with written manifestation techniques.  The purpose of this site is to record my experiments and to aggregate all of the knowledge I have accumulated into one place.  If you’ve ever felt frustrated by the law of attraction or manifesting in general, I hope you find some of my experiments useful!

Oh, also– sometimes I say “we” on this site, and that is because my best friend also does experiments and sends me recommendations, but she is SUPER not tech savvy, so I post all of her stuff for her.  🙂

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