Some people are “morning people,” and I envy them.  It seems like they wake up in a good mood, just chock full of positive thoughts and serotonin.   Personally, this is something I have to work on. If you are one of those people, you are probably not reading this rightContinue Reading

The thing with the law of attraction is that it is actually a very practical thing– first you have to define your goals, then connect with your own energy (universal substance), then you need to figure out a manifestation method that actually works for you.  What you need is aContinue Reading

Everyone is going to answer this a little bit differently depending on preferences, but let me answer this question based on what scripting means to ME, for my personal manifesting practice. In loose terms, scripting manifesting is when you sit down and write a SCRIPT that describes in detail theContinue Reading

In case you haven’t read “Think and Grow Rich,” it’s the culmination of Napoleon Hill’s work with Andrew Carnegie and of his interviews with over 500 successful and noteworthy people ranging from Henry Ford to Thomas Edison to Andrew Carnegie himself. As it turns out, this book was maybe 100Continue Reading