13 Money Affirmations to Get You Manifesting Financial Abundance

If you’re using affirmations to create financial abundance (whether you are using a scripting method or just repeating them aloud throughout the day), you’ll want to make sure you have crafted the affirmation in the powerful forms “I AM” or “I HAVE” or “I CAN” before stating what you are trying to create.  Before you start using affirmations, just make sure that you are aiming high enough, and be absolutely sure that you phrase things in the positive (never say negative things in your affirmations, even things you don’t want!).   Most people who start trying to use manifesting make one of these two mistakes, and then think manifestation in general doesn’t work.

Here are 10 examples of wealth/ abundance/ money affirmations you can use to start financial abundance flowing into your life.  Try saying each one out loud until you find the one that feels right for you, or write your own!

I am a multimillionaire

I have just received ____________ (fill in the blank with your desired amount of money)

I am financially free

I have unlimited funds

I have more than enough money to pay for everything

I am financially successful beyond my wildest dreams

I have more money than I even know what to do with

I can easily pay for anything I want in any store

I have unlimited financial abundance

I can buy any car I want

I can live anywhere I want

I am always getting money from unexpected places

I have many different streams of income

Once you have decided on your ideal money manifestation affirmation, you’ll need to then figure out whether you are a visual, auditory, or written manifester.   If you find that you respond to more visual things in your life (like vision boards and visualization), you’ll want to stick the affirmation around your house or write it in your vision board so you can look at it every day.   If you tend to respond more to things you hear (like music or audiobooks), record yourself saying the affirmation into your computer or phone, then listen to it multiple times per day (or record it with music to create an auto self hypnosis track which you can listen to while you’re meditating), or (my personal favorite), pick a scripting method (like 55X 5, 33-3, 11:11, or 3:69) and write your affirmation every day.

Affirmations (like any other kind of law of attraction/ manifestation technique) need trial and error while you figure out how to direct the universal life force over to becoming actual money in your life.  Don’t give up!  Affirmations cost you nothing to try, and they can only improve your life.


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