Manifestation Affirmations– state your desire in the present!

One mistake that alot of people make when they are new to the law of attraction/ manifesting is that they decide what they want, then state (or write) their affirmation in the future.   For example, you decide you want to become a multimillionaire.  The best, most powerful way to speak (or write) this into reality is to start saying it in the present tense, right away:  ” I AM A MULTIMILLIONAIRE.”

What most people will do is state it in the future tense:  ” I WILL BE A MULTIMILLIONAIRE.”  However, time is an abstract concept to the Universe, so when it actually starts to manifest this reality, it will be always pushing it into the future.

If you have a hard time believing your affirmations when stated in the present “I AM” form, try a couple of these as a workaround.  DO NOT say things like “I will become” or “I am becoming.”  I have written some examples for you here.


Sample Affirmations (Wealth and Abundance)


I am so happy and grateful now that I have achieved my financial goals

I have more than enough

I am abundant

I find money unexpectedly

I am worthy of financial success

Money comes to me from unexpected places

I am destined to be wealthy


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