What is the Meaning of the “Law of Attraction”?

The Law of Attraction is the school of thought that states that “thoughts become things.”  Here is a whole lengthy definition of the law of attraction (including the history and how it evolved) over on Wikipedia.    I’m assuming that you kind of just want to get right to trying it out, so I will just boil it down for you here.

“Thoughts” are the concepts in your mind of the goals and experiences you want to have in your life. 

“Things” are those goals and experiences in physical form.

Manifestation is when you find a way to hold the “thoughts” in your mind long enough to make them actually become your reality.

On this site, we focus on the practical steps you can take to start manifesting things in your life, from money to love to a whole different life.

If you’re wanting to start to practice the law of attraction in your life, you might want to grab a planner or journal!   Also, here’s a really good book on the practical aspects of the LOA.   It kind of fills in the missing pieces of how you bridge the gap between “thoughts” and “actual things.”

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