17 Second Manifestation Technique

If you’ve recently heard the term “17 Second Manifestation Technique,” you’re not alone.  This term seems to pop back up from time to time, and I just wanted to put the definition here in case you Googled it and are curious.

If you’ve gotten into the study of the Law of Attraction at all, you’ve probably heard of Esther Hicks and Abraham (I will do a whole explanation of Esther/ Abraham in another post, because it is really too involved to explain without some in-depth background).  I first heard about the 17 second manifestation technique in their work.   The way I understand it, if you can hold a thought (of a thing or circumstance that you want) for 17 straight seconds, that’s when it starts to take form and manifest in your life.   That doesn’t mean it magically appears after 17 seconds, but it does mean that things (the energy of the universe or whatever you want to call it) is now moving in that direction.

There are several caveats to the “17 Second Rule,” in my opinion.  For one, it is WAY harder to hold a thought in your mind for 17 seconds than you would think (believe me, I have been trying to do this for  years) without your mind wandering over to other things and places.  The implication seems to be that you need to clear your mind and focus ONLY on that one thing, and honestly, I have never been able to do this just through visualization or meditation without it feeling like I am straining or trying to force myself to sit there and think about the thing.  If you’ve gotten into any of Esther/ Abraham’s work, you’ll recognize the fact that “straining” takes you out of the flow, and at that point you’re not “allowing” and are probably not going to get what you want.  This is a frustratingly circular problem for me, and I think I finally found a solution:  written affirmations (a manifestation technique that some people call “scripting”).   This is basically where you take the situation and boil it down into an “I AM” statement (like “I AM A MULTIMILLIONAIRE”) and write it repeatedly over a period of days (like 55 times a day for 5 days, which is called the 5 X 55 Method, or 33 times a day for 3 days, which is called the 3:33 method, and so on).

I personally like doing this because I feel like it takes away the “forcing it” layer of meditation/ visualization where I am really struggling to keep my ADHD mind still.  Writing the affirmation over and over is soothing and allows my mind to actually focus on that thing for 17 whole seconds, because I am essentially giving the ego a piece of “busy work” so that it doesn’t try to distract me.

I really like these journals for doing my written affirmations, mostly because the lines are numbered so that I don’t have to stop and count how many times I have written the affirmation, but also because it includes space for goals and notes (so I can keep track of whether anything is actually happening).

Ok, that’s my explanation, hope that was helpful.  Oh, and if you’re wondering how to tell which affirmation method is right for you, the best advice I can give you is that you have to try a couple of different ones to see what happens.  I don’t even think you should buy a journal that follows a particular method until you’ve tried it a couple of times to see if you love it or hate it.

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